Results Melanoma Cancer Vaccine Trial in Adelaide Promising

Adelaide research team claims to have successfully memgembangkan vaccine to prevent skin cancer or melanoma . Disease that kills about 1,500 Australians each year

Over the past 14 years, a cancer expert at the University of Adelaide , Brendon Coventry and Melanoma Foundation of Australia has developed a melanoma or skin cancer vaccine .

The trial involved 54 patients with secondary melanoma cases . The patient is given an injection of the vaccine in several stages . At the beginning of therapy the patient is given an injection of the vaccine every two weeks , and then given an injection every month and end up only twice a year .

Dr. . Coventry said the key to the development of a vaccine that is by giving repeated doses of the vaccine and in the long run .

" From the test results so far shown that this vaccine can successfully modulate or modify the cancer patient’s immune system to produce long-term survival by removing the tumor in the body as a whole , about 17 percent of cases , " he said recently.

" This is one of the few studies that were able to get above 15 % success to eliminate cases of advanced melanoma , " he said proudly .

" Many other studies that use highly complex regimen once highly toxic regimens . Whilst this vaccine regimen contains very little and has no side effects at all , though perhaps aka tone reddish spots but there were no reports of side effects of other complaints , "

Dr. . Coventry said these trials help researchers understand how the patient’s immune system can be manipulated to fight cancer .

He said the next step is to see what happens to the immune system after the vaccine is given .

" The immune system works in a way that seems like mechanism On - Off continuously and now what we are trying to do is we want to see if we can identify periods or phases in the cycle ON - Off where we can target the vaccine could be more effective and might even be able to give a response above 17 percent , " he said .

Dr Coventry said the success of the trial vaksini ni can be used as a basis for treating other cancers .

Meanwhile Barry Foote aged 50 years , melanoma is one of the cancer patients were included in this vaccine trial admitted after getting the vaccine lot number of tumors in the skin is reduced .

" I was a little worried initially , but then I realized that the number of tumors in my body started to disappear and I am very happy , " said Foote .
Foote was 50 years old when diagnosed with an aggressive melanoma and is expected to survive only a year ago .

" The doctor said I might not survive another 12 months , but 14 years later I am still alive , " he said .
Burning sensation becomes complained for getting the kindling .

" Dr . Coventry say if this vaccine works then I will feel a little pain section tumor growth and indeed I feel it but I am quite happy because I know that the vaccine is working . " He said .

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In Australia reported there were 12 thousand new cases of melanoma each year . Recent research results have been published in the Journal of Cancer for immunotherapy .


Burned Madison PLN office , Customer Data Scorched

Office of the State Electricity Company ( PLN ) Madison Area at Jalan MT Haryono , Madiun , East Java , on fire on Saturday morning , 19 April 2014 . Nobody lives in the event that until now the cause is unknown . Losses estimated at billions of dollars .

" The building and most of all goods sold in the main building on fire , " said AEP Saifuddin , Assistant Manager of PLN Area Networks Madison , when contacted by Tempo . According to him , the goods are forfeited , among others, customer data and computer networking . ( Read : 13 Type of Disaster Threatens East Java )

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Documents and such devices are in the room manager , assistant manager , and staff PLN Madison area . In addition , three units of the Toyota Avanza and Nissan Grand Livina cars belonging to employees are also sold out on fire .

Saifuddin said the fire started to grow around 04.00 pm . Source of fire known from the data server room located on the first floor . At that time the explosion happened several times . A number of security guards on duty tried to extinguish the fire by spraying water . But the effort was fruitless .

The more flared the flames spread to the other room and the security sekejap.Petugas finally reported the incident to a number of relevant agencies . A few minutes later , a fleet of six fire engines from various agencies arrived on the scene . As of 10:00 am , the blackout is still in progress .

Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit and the City of Madison Police Assistant Commissioner Suhono said it will conduct a preliminary investigation . Only , this investigation certainly not done to find the cause of the fire . ” Because it is the authority of the East Java Police Labfor team , ” he said .


Captain of the South Ferry Passengers Before Evacuation Could Choose

There is chaos and confusion , from ferry sinking South Korea . Delivered a crew , the ship captain tried to stabilize the ship before the evacuation of passengers in list .

By the time the evacuation order came , the captain had said there might help a lot of passengers , though the captain and 12 crew survived . Similarly, as reported by the Belfast Telegraph , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .

The coast guard said the death toll from the sinking of the ferry South Korea (ROK ) Sawol to 25 . However this amount is expected to increase as approximately 270 people are still missing . The victims came from high school students who are conducting a study tour . Local officials said there are 179 survivors .

The divers worked in shifts to try to get into the sinking ship , but the strong currents would not allow them to enter . A coastguard spokesman said that the divers are planning to pump oxygen into the vessel to help the victims , but they have to get into the ship .

Chilled water temperature in the area approximately 12 centigrade , could trigger a hypothermia after about 90 minutes looking for a victim . According to local authorities , three ships with cranes were brought in to help rescue victims in the ferry which sank not far from the southern city of Mokpo .

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Sewol ferry had left Incheon , which is located on the southwest coast of South Korea on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 for an overnight trip to the southern resort island , Jeju . There were 475 people on board , including 325 students from Danwon High School in Ansan , near Seoul .


UN Security Council Urges Investigation Team Drag North Korea to the Court

Chairman of the UN investigation team related human rights violations in North Korea , Michael Kirby , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) local time , the UN Security Council filed a communist country to the international criminal court ( ICC ) .

" In a week where many cases of gross human rights violations attention of the security council , we say that the human rights violations in the DPRK ( North Korea ) is far above the other cases in the world , " said Kirby , ahead of the informal meeting of the UN Security Council .

International criminal court to investigate criminal cases severe in countries that are already members of the institution .

However , the ICC can only prosecute crimes in the country which is not a member if you get a permit or a green light from the UN Security Council . North Korea , as well as Libya and Sudan , not ICC member states .

The results of the investigation team leader Michael Kirby concluded the massive human rights violations in North Korea and most of them can be categorized crimes against humanity .

" Only the Security Council can take action promptly and impartially to ensure accountability , fulfill the responsibility to protect human rights and to stop the human rights violations that will disturb the peace and security of the world , " said Kirby in front of the UN Security Council .

Meanwhile, the U.S. ambassador to the UN , Samantha Power , welcomed the statement of Michael Kirby and the North Koreans . Samantha said , the problem in North Korea deserve attention and action from the UN Security Council .

" Remarks of this first hand , about the torture , rape , forced abortion , infanticide , and this gives a real picture of a systematic and brutal repression of the North Korean regime against its people , " said Samantha .

However , China , one of the owners of the right of veto , has been shown to protect neighboring signal once its ally, North Korea , from the sanctions .

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Last month in Geneva , Switzerland , China told the UN Human Rights Commission that an investigation into North Korea was merely an accusation and recommendations are very far from reality .


There Suspicious Backpack Bomb Locations in Boston, 1 Youth Police Secured

Boston - In the midst of the anniversary of the Boston bomb blast tragedy , two findings appear suspicious backpack at the same location is the site of an explosion occurred 1 year ago . Hundreds of people were evacuated from the site , while a young man successfully secured the police .

Boston Police , through its official Twitter account , revealing that a man had been secured and taken to the police station for interrogation . The man suspected of being involved with finding the suspicious backpack .

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Similarly, as reported by AFP on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

The dedicated team bomb squad deployed to the location after receiving an emergency call from the public about the existence of two suspicious backpacks . Backpack sparked public suspicion because left without an owner .

Location finding the suspicious backpack near the finish line at the Boston Marathon , which last year was hit by two bomb explosions that killed three people . This week , the U.S. held the first anniversary of the Boston bomb which was chaired by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden .

Meanwhile , a witness told AFP that he saw a young man around the age of 20 years of police secured . The youth , he said , wearing black clothes and carrying a backpack more visible .

According to the eyewitnesses , the young man admitted he was a college student from Massachusetts College of Art and Design , when questioned by police . There is no further information about the youth of the local kepolisin .


Complaining Dahlan Powered Electric Car Not Government

JAKARTA - The government still seems to be not interested in mass- producing electric cars . In fact , there are several makers of electric cars already undertakes the manufacture .

Minister of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan , said electric cars continue to fight for industrialization in Indonesia . According to him , until now only permits a constraint realization of the electric car industry in Indonesia .

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" While fighting to become an industry , in terms of licensing , in terms of feasibility , " said Dahlan in the Ministry of Enterprise , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Dahlan said the rules regarding electric cars should be promptly provided or prepared by the government . Therefore , the potential of the electric car industry , according to him, still has good potential . ” Keep going , we want to export , if not in the country , may be exported , ” he added .

Therefore , he is concerned about the government’s attitude remains keukeh provide regulations on electric cars . Therefore , starting from the specifications of the electric car has more weight than a regular vehicle .

"The problem there is decided , the rules are not prepared , so it tends to equate rules with buffalo cow . Such buses so it weighs , so exceeding the limit can not be operated , if it heavy electric buses because there are batteries , " he concluded .


Abbasid Heir Throne (1)

After ruling for 22 years , the Abbasid Caliph Abu Ja’far Abdullah al - Mansur died at the age of 65 on October 21, 775 AD near Makkah . He was thrown from a horse died from war .

Some people said that his health began to decline and the doctor did get kind of evidence of the deadly disease . Although he was the terrifying , all temporal power also make him suffer .

One day , he spoke with Rabbi Jonah ibn Hajib who served as head of household or castle governing direct access to the caliph . Mansur said , ” How wonderful world if only O Rabbi no deaths . “

" On the contrary , the world will not be beautiful if it were not for death , " answered the Rabbi .

" How so ? " Asked the caliph .

" If not for death , you’re not going to sit on the throne . "

" True , " replied the caliph .

To conceal his death , Rabbi remind the women in the group so as not to mourn the Caliph openly kemangkatannya .

In a ruse designed to protect the rights of succession of his son , he rested the body of the caliph in a chair in the royal tent behind a thin curtain . He then asked all the family members of the Abbasid renew their oath of allegiance when called .

Famous death and then broadcast that evening he was buried in the desert . He was buried in one of the hundred tombs excavated near Makkah to confuse efforts to find and debasing his bones . By doing so , his grave is lost in the desert forever .

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In Baghdad , the son and heir Mansoor , Mahdi , took power . A nephew Saffah ( who became Governor of Kufa ) against his succession , but relented after being given the promise of power after the Mahdi died .

However , it seems that probably do not happen because of the Mahdi has two sons .


PDIP Champion in Saudi Arabia Thin Lost in Japan

Party-Muslim-based parties can not win sympathy Indonesian citizens living in Saudi Arabia. Based on the results of preliminary calculations, the PDI-Struggle actually winning 34.58% of the vote.
Based on the release of election results obtained from the Consulate General in Jeddah KONTAN, PDI-P won 2,190 votes or 34.58% of the total valid votes have been entered per night 9 April reached 6,333 valid votes.

PDI-P’s superior sound thinner than the acquisition of the National Awakening Party (PKB) which gained 2,044 votes or 32.28% of the valid votes.  (see also: pakan burung)
While the vote-based Islamic era got voted so far compared to the acquisition of PDI-P and PKB. MCC 567 for example only acquire sound or only 8.95%, the PPP won 333 votes or 5.26% and PAN only 59 votes or 0.93%.
Following the acquisition of the full sound of each party based on the serial number:

1. Nasdem: 75 
2. PKB: 2,044 
3. PKS: 567 
4. The PDI-P: 2,190 
5. Golkar: 213 
6. Gerindra: 488 
7. Democrats: 141 
8. PAN: 59 
9. PPPs: 333 
10. Hanura: 174 
11. PBB: 39 
12. PKPI: 10

The vote counting will resume today, (10/4) to calculate the results obtained through the ballot drop box mechanism that has been made in some areas of accreditation Consulate General in Jeddah.
Legislative elections in the city of Jeddah and Mecca performed on 5 April 2014 ago. Total residents who participated totaled 6,427 citizens.

Previously, in order to maximize the number of voters, on 28 to 29 March 2014, the Election Committee of Foreign Affairs (PPLN) Jeddah also has conducted voting system pick up the ball through the drop box mechanism, which is held in several cities that are part of the area of ​​accreditation Consulate General in Jeddah. Proactive systems in several locations resulted in as many as 1,698 people turnout.
The total of all voters in the area of ​​accreditation Consulate General in Jeddah until April 5 reached 8,125 people. This number has increased significantly compared to the 2009 legislative elections that followed only 1,676 voters.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the MCC managed to outperform the PDIP. Of counting votes by PPLN in Tokyo Japan, MCC excels with the acquisition of 178 votes, followed by PDI-P with 146 votes.
Here are the results of the final count is done in PPLN in Tokyo, Japan received;

1. Nasdem: 12 
2 .. PKS: 10 
3 .. MCC: 178 
4. PDIP: 146 
5. Golkar: 25 
6. Gerindra: 43 
7. Democrats: 15 
8. PAN: 39 
9. PPPs: 13 
10. Hanura: 8 
11. PBB: 10 
l2. PKPI: 2 
4. Voices invalid: 12.
Total votes: 513. Vote counting was completed.


MagicOn Ayane, Smartphone Pack 4-inch Pico Projector

Some smartphones already integrated with extra small sized projectors - also often called pico or micro projectors - like the Samsung Galaxy Beam , but less appropriate products on the market . Conplex International , a Hong Kong -based company tries to lunge through MagicOn Ayane smartphone market , which is predicted already contains a similar projector .

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Compared Samsung Galaxy Beam pico projector light levels in MagicOn Ayane higher ( 35 lumens vs. 15 lumens ) . With the number 35 lumens , native resolution of 480 x 640 along with a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 , smartphones are expected to be able to project images up to as high as 42 inches diagonally without too much degradation when transmitted to a flat surface .

Beyond its function as a projector , the standard specification includes MagicOn Ayane IPS multi-touch screen measuring 4 inches with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels , dual-core processor 1.2 GHz MTK 6589 , 1GB of RAM , and 4GB of internal memory which must still be expanded by a microSD slot . Smartphones are still running the operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean , not the version of KitKat like other smart phones that slide for some time .

In the field of mobile photography , Ayane has a 5 megapixel primary camera with flash , and do not miss the 0.3 MP secondary camera for webcam purposes / selfie . Ayane connectivity features inhabited by 802.11b/g/n WiFi , and a battery 2000 mAh .

Ayane MagicOn can be used by users who like to experiment and play around with a portable projector technology . This smartphone comes in a choice of black and gray , with a price of U.S. $ 499 or equivalent Rp5.4 million . As a complement , the company also provides accessories tripod and Bluetooth gaming - pad .


Indications cheating, ask a volunteer movement repeated elections

National Coordinator of the Working Group ( WG ) Million Volunteer Movement Election , Yusfitriadi justify , election fraud that occurred in the village of Fort subdistrict and village Ciampea Ciampea District of Ciampea , Bogor , West Java .

According Yus , such actions clearly undermine the democratic process to produce an honest and clean elections . Strictly speaking , over the fraud case it has asked the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) to conduct new elections .

" Yes dong ( repeated ) , " said Yus , in building the Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

He said the team ‘s findings Million Volunteer Movement in Bogor , known to many as 14 polling stations ( TPS ) found ballot papers already drilled or punched with the name of the party candidates who have been determined .

He revealed that , of the 14 polling stations , among others , 8 polling station in the village of Fort Subdistrict 6 Ciampea and TPS in the Village District of Ciampea Ciampea . ” There are about 400 of each polling station and tercoblos all to PDIP ( Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ) , ” said Yus .

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However, until now it has not been able to find the perpetrators of the case . According to him , the case will be an important report to the Election Supervisory Body to make recommendations to the Commission in order to make the re-voting .

" We do not know ( the culprit ) . We still continue to do the search and we ‘re still searching , " he added .